Year-End Events

Year-End Events

Reduce your costs and your stress by inviting us to host a one-of-a-kind end-of-the-year event that your students will never forget right at your school or nearby outdoor location. 

Benefits of Working With Us:

  • Reduce your end-of-the-year stress by offering an unforgettable and highly engaging outlet for all of that springtime energy your students hold!
  • Offer yourself ease in the planning of your end-of-the-year event by inviting us to host an event at your school or a nearby outdoor location, reducing transportation cost and logistics.
  • Capture the excitement of your students with thrilling one-of-a-kind activities, cooperative challenges, and highly interactive fun in the outdoors.
  • Celebrate and anchor the formative accomplishments of the last year as they are mirrored by the shared successes encountered during this hallmark community event.

Who We Are:

With Adventure In Adventure Out, your staff and students can expect highly engaging, transformative experiences that cultivate individual strengths and ignite positive community development. For over twenty years Adventure In Adventure Out has offered high quality outdoor adventures, experiential learning, leadership development and team and community building for students, teaching staff and administrators. Our commitment is to support the creation of resilient, compassionate and empowered learning communities by inviting participants into an experiential laboratory that promotes a spirit of inquiry, wonder, appreciation and fun. 

 What Others Are Saying about Us

“Each time, those who are working with us take the time to ask about our objectives and the folks they will be engaging, to think carefully about their audience, and to create an incredibly meaningful and productive set of activities and exercises that help us reach our goals. After years of working with various outdoor education groups, I give my highest recommendation to everyone on this team.”  Sally Mixsell, Head of School, Stoneleigh Burnham School



“As educators, we want the very best for our students, and we believe that this program is one of the most valuable ones around. The staff at Adventure In Adventure Out provide lasting memories and their effect on our school cannot be matched.” Donna Paulsen, Granite Valley Middle School


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