Using your knife – tips and tricks!

Here is an excellent knife use video that we stumbled across the other day produced by

Proper knife use is something that can easily be taken for granted and this video demonstrates some excellent techniques that will help you learn how to safely and effectively use your knife in the field.

Beyond the obvious hazards of accidental injury, proper knife use is important in terms of the longevity of your blade as well as the energy expenditure of using the tool. In a survival situation it is vital that you conserve energy and prevent unnecessary wear and tear on your body such as blisters and pulled or fatigued muscles.

One of the techniques used later in this video , known as ‘batoning’, is an exceptionally useful skill for accessing the dry, inner portions of smaller branches. Dry wood can be found hidden inside dead tree branches even after days of constant rain. Here is another video that demonstrates this skill in a different context:

An important safety note concerning batoning is that if it is done incorrectly the blade of the knife can easily snap off and go flying at you or a bystander. Make sure to give yourself plenty of space and use eye protection when possible while using this skill. This defiantly a task meant only for fixed blade, full tang knives!


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