Transitions in the Adventure In Adventure Out Office

A big space has been created in our office by the departure of Ben Delozier; a big man, with a big heart, bold spirit, and a boat load of talent. Ben’s bold spirit led him to knock on my door back in 2011. At that time, he suggested to me that he would like to help grow the business. I suggested that he reach back out after the summer season, as we were immersed in our busiest time of the year. Sure enough, a follow up call came, we got together, felt a mutual resonance and overlap in values, as well as a desire to work together.

Since that time, Ben and I have partnered in the creation of many new program designs, hired on an incredible array of talented staff, and grown the business to what it is today. Ben’s innate talent for building relationships has increased the depth and breadth of our client base, as well as our bottom line. This has allowed us to hire on more staff, both in and around the office, as well as in the field. Everybody wins!

I have the fortune of having Ben woven into the fabric of my life, as a dear friend and fellow member of our men’s group, so we will continue our connection even with his absence from the office. Ben aims to continue working with AIAO as a field staff and facilitator, alongside his explorations of new endeavors. So, you may also continue to be blessed by his presence on upcoming program.

Ben, thank you for your commitment, dedication, creativity, professionalism, and generosity that you have offered all those that you have crossed paths with here at AIAO. You will be missed, are thought of in the highest regard, and are an integral part of the legacy of Adventure In Adventure Out.

Happy trails my friend!


Kyle Rodd has been working as a field instructor for us since 2013. I and other staff who worked with him in those early days quickly agreed that “this guy is a keeper.” He brings a breadth of life experience working with people and exploring the woods, mountains, rivers, and wetlands in and around our valley. This is married with his formal education through which Kyle has earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Ecopsychology from the University of Massachusetts, and a Master’s degree from Antioch New England’s Environmental Studies department, with a concentration in Conservation Biology.

Kyle brings a fresh perspective to the AIAO office, offering wonderful ideas that are supporting us in fine-tuning our systems for greater efficacy and organization. I find him to be kind, levelheaded, warm-hearted, and self- reflective, as well as to have a curiosity about people that matches his curiosity about the natural world. A good match for AIAO for sure!

Over the past year, Kyle stepped into a Program Manager role. He has been a quick learn and has continued to add many things to his plate, learning the ins and outs of what makes AIAO work from behind the scenes and behind the desk/computer.

I am happy to announce that Kyle has been invited to step into the role of Assistant Director of Adventure Out. I look forward to continuing to work alongside him and to supporting each other and all of you in bringing the best that AIAO has to offer to the world.


Anna Boysen joined us in the office in the winter of 2015. She was a fast fit on the team, overlapping with the office values, while adding her unique perspectives that helped us all to learn and grow. As a quick learn she embraced our systems readily, as well as added a bunch of great ideas that helped us to become even more efficient and effective. Anna took on a role as a Program Manager, as well as that of hiring staff onto programs. She did a wonderful job, keeping our staff employed and informed, as well as advocating for them in ways that were unique to her vantage as a fellow field instructor.

Anna also managed the research and execution of our transition from a ‘Sole Proprietor’ type of business to that of an LLC. That has offered Gayle and me much relief, as it lessens our personal exposure to the liability that comes with running a business. Modeling self-care is also something that Anna brought to the team. She would remind us about our sit-spot time and head out into the woods, or engage the archery range to break away from the “do” mode that can take over in the office at times.

I also feel a great deal of appreciation for Anna’s willingness and ability to pick up the slack on important details that would sometimes fall by the wayside and would otherwise get de-prioritized due to the constant need to keep up with the programs at hand on the front burner.

Hats off to you Anna, and best wishes on the next leg of your vocational journey!


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