Forest Forensics

    While tracking out behind my house, I settled in for a quick lunch half way up a gully overlooking a brook that was moving swiftly from the melting snow. As I stood up to seek a… Read More

Discovered: Longest Mammal Migration in the Lower 48

“When wildlife biologist Hall Sawyer strapped radio collars to dozens of mule deer wandering southwestern Wyoming’s Red Desert in January 2011, he thought the humble animals were as rooted as the landscape’s windblown sage, low hills and staked… Read More

What the Robin Knows

Our woods are waking up from their winter sleep, and birds are moving about in greater numbers, and even returning from warmer latitudes down south. As this happens, my ears are filled with the songs and conversations of… Read More

Have Experts Confirmed Mountain Lion in Winchester MA?

Not even 10 miles outside of Boston, Winchester, MA has become the latest town to experience the drama that often surrounds mountain lions in the Northeast. While the last official sighting in Massachusetts of one of these big… Read More

(Another Reason) Why You Should Brake for Possums

Unfortunately, Lyme Disease and other tick-borne illnesses have become commonplace in the Northeast. Speaking from personal experience, they’re no fun, which is why this article grabbed my attention. Aside from being another example of the connections that sometimes exist… Read More

Adventures in the Valley – Pudding stone caves.

  Nestled amongst the craggy sandstone rock formations on the North-West side of Mt. Toby is perhaps one of the most enchanting hidden places in the Pioneer Valley… The “Pudding Stone” cave, named for the conglomeration of small… Read More