Photo Journal: The River of Grass in Florida’s Everglades – Farlin Black

My recent trip (late December ’17 to early January ’18) to instruct a canoe expedition in the Everglades with a group of college students represents an annual pilgrimage of catharsis. By continuing to return to such an exhilarating… Read More

How a river can move you.

We all know that unstructured play is of the utmost importance for kids.   Especially in these modern times where kids days are highly activity structured, they have benchmarks to meet in relation to academic standards, and technology has… Read More

Five (More) Dangerous Things You Should Let Your Children Do

In another inspiring TED talk, Gever Tulley continues his exploration of risk and safety as they relate to children. Does the media fuel an illusion that our children are in danger? How does reality compare to our fears?… Read More

Trip Report: Mt. Washington

Last week Ben and I had a blast up in the Presidentials/Whites; it was our second go at Mt. Washington in the winter. We headed up Thursday night, camped out, and then set out from Pinkham Notch early… Read More

U.K. Professor Sees Changes Coming to Expedition Industry

Many folks in the outdoor and environmental education fields can relate to Mark Hickman: “As a young man, I wanted to be the guy [professionally] climbing the mountains and running the river.” Of course, it’s not quite that… Read More

What the Robin Knows

Our woods are waking up from their winter sleep, and birds are moving about in greater numbers, and even returning from warmer latitudes down south. As this happens, my ears are filled with the songs and conversations of… Read More

The Timber Doodle

During today’s staff meeting, when James mentioned seeing a Timber Doodle, we all looked at him with looks of confused skepticism. “What the heck is a Timber Doodle?” I thought. A fan of playful jokes and pranks, we… Read More


We switched our AIAO Outing Club days to Sundays and are glad that we did. This past Sunday, we had 11 people join us for an eastern Holyoke Range traverse. The day was quite chilly and the trails… Read More

Outdoor Learning: Education’s Next Revolution?

In this article, psychology researchers from Notre Dame point out, “The right brain, which governs much of our self-regulation, creativity and empathy grows through full-body experience.” This is the part of our brain that helps us manage our emotions… Read More