Photo Journal: The River of Grass in Florida’s Everglades – Farlin Black

My recent trip (late December ’17 to early January ’18) to instruct a canoe expedition in the Everglades with a group of college students represents an annual pilgrimage of catharsis. By continuing to return to such an exhilarating… Read More

The Hunter’s Mind – An Alternative Perspective on ADD/ADHD

In the course of a year we work with dozens of schools and organizations, and many hundreds of young participants. Invariably, some of these young people have an ADD or ADHD diagnosis. It would be all too easy… Read More

How a river can move you.

We all know that unstructured play is of the utmost importance for kids.   Especially in these modern times where kids days are highly activity structured, they have benchmarks to meet in relation to academic standards, and technology has… Read More

Going outside, as the doctor ordered….

Started in 2011, by a Washington DC pediatrician by the name of Robert Zarr, there is a movement afoot in which doctors can prescribe the outdoors to patients!  As a means to fight obesity, chronic disease and ‘nature… Read More

The Problem of Plenty

Another well-penned piece about the problems of progress. “Simple moments of joy have been hijacked by a need for bigger, flashier entertainment. Is the art of simply being happy forgotten? It is a common well-rehearsed urban scenario. At… Read More

Look Up!

Ironically, as of this writing the Look Up video has almost twenty-one million views(!), and for good reason: it’s a heart-string-tugging call to all us technologically-mired and connection-challenged individuals. While I can’t deny that it was conceived of,… Read More

Richard Louv on Education and Nature Deficit Disorder

In this clip from Mother Nature’s Child, journalist and author Richard Louv discusses the negative effects of modern education and its impact on both students and teachers. Referencing the numerous recent studies on children and exposure to nature,… Read More