New Hingham Elementary School Chesterfield MA Team Building Program

Last week, Farlin & Eric facilitated a team building experience with the 5th grade class at New Hingham Elementary School! The students worked towards growing into their greatest potential as they move toward being the oldest students in the school as 6th graders.
During the activity shown in the picture, Farlin and the students co-created an agreement with the help of some creative nautical imagery! In the center of their circle was a drawing of a sailboat. The Front of sailboat represented what the students wanted to carry forward with them. The middle of the sailboat represented what they wanted to acknowledge as the essential make-up of their functioning group. The aft sail represented the things that they wanted to leave behind and move on from.
They also placed their fears and concerns into the water around the sailboat, representing the obstacles through which they would need to navigate as a team. Classmates offered suggestions about how to approach fellow classmates’ fears and concerns.
In this process they established a group agreement to bring forward with them into their transition to sixth grade.

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