Jump start healthy and meaningful relationships and a sense of community for incoming students

Transitioning to another grade, to a boarding school, or to a new classroom can be huge adventures with so many new expectations to explore, friendships to build, ideas to encounter, and responsibilities to balance. Offer your students an experience that will allow them to create healthy friendships, a strong peer support system, and the foundation for a meaningful sense of identity in their new community before they even set foot in the classroom.

Large Group Orientation Events

Let us design a program that allows students to identify with the values, culture and foundational principles of your school. Our community building programs are designed to foster deeper relationships that create investment, inspiration and ownership in your school community. Students will engage in a progression of highly engaging and interactive exercises, initiatives, dialogues and reflections that will help students:

  • Create a fun, memorable shared experience that participants will talk about for the entire year
  • Normalize hopes, aspirations, fears and anxieties amongst their peers
  • Cultivate rapport, trust and meaningful relationships between students and/or staff
  • Establish guidelines of engagement for peer-to-peer interactions
  • Increase a sense of belonging amongst all members of your school community

Orientation Adventure Expeditions

Our orientation expeditions offer incoming students the opportunity to develop strong, meaningful and effective relationships with a core group of peers. These 2-5 day trips offer a unique opportunity for each individual to explore their identity in their new context by engaging different roles and relationships in a small group setting that relies on cooperation, support, safety and fun. These trips are formative and impactful experiences that often result in life-long friendships and increased sense of belonging and purpose. On these trips students will:

  • Work together cooperatively for the success of the group
  • Explore personal strengths
  • Share from personal experience and have opportunity to normalize hopes, aspirations, fears and anxieties amidst their peers
  • Create an effective support structure and system of communication
  • Enhance socio-emotional learning (Emotional Intelligence)
  • Explore the implications of risk and facing the unknown, the power of embracing challenge, and the importance of drawing healthy boundaries

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