Go inside ‘The Bunker’ underneath the Holyoke Range

Ever since I heard about the bunker beneath Bare Mountain in the Holyoke Range I’ve been intensely curious about it; my imagination has filled in the gaps and holes carved out back in the 1950s.

Imagine my excitement when I came across this article and video about the bunker produced by local T.V. station WGBY.

Check it out for a dose of local history; enjoy!

One Comment on “Go inside ‘The Bunker’ underneath the Holyoke Range

  1. I worked in this Command Post from 1966 -1968 and was reassigned there in 1969 just before the decision to close the facility. It was the Eighth Air Force Command Center, one of three Numbered Air Force Commands as part of the Strategic Air Command located near Omaha, Nebraska. The other two Command Centers were located at Barksdale, AFB, La. and March AFB, CA.

    Closing this facility was a political decision. The Notch was a hardened facility. Both the Lousiana and California facilities were above ground and not hardened. However, in the sixties with projected base closures everything was political. Nixon was President. Massachusetts had two Senators, Kennedy and Brook as opposed to the political might of California and Louisana. The 8th Air Facility never had a chance.

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