Dave Hayes the Weather Nut

If you’re a resident of the Connecticut River Valley, or Western Mass in general, you’ve most likely heard of Dave Hayes. But for those who haven’t…

Bob Dylan sang, “You don’t need a weather man to know which way the wind blows,” and while that may be true, no matter the season, it can be really handy to have the most accurate weather forecast. How many times have you made travel, vacation, or day plans only to have them stymied by unexpected weather?

Enter Dave Hayes. An amateur meteorologist with a growing following, Hayes goes by the name “The Weather Nut,” and for good reason: he’s obsessed with meteorology! So much so that he pours over forecasts and reports from numerous sources to create the most accurate weather forecasts you’ll find for the area. He’s not perfect (is there such a thing as a perfect meteorologist?), but he’s the closest you’ll find to it, and his forecasts for weather onset, duration, precipitation amounts, etc. are almost always spot on.

He posts regularly, and you can ‘like’ his Facebook page here.
If you’re interested in learning more about him, you can check out this Gazettenet article as well.

Don’t worry, folks: spring is coming!



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