Alumni Events

Offer an opportunity for alumni to relive what drew them to your campus in the first place – the inspired and spirited connection to the people.

Alumni are a vital part of the community, offering a sense of tradition, rich institutional pride, financial support, and valuable networking and mentoring for future alum. We want to help celebrate these contributions and increase the sense of continued connection to your campus community through our truly unique offerings for alumni events. From a 2-hour event to a a full day, our unforgettable activities combine just the right mix of competition, collaboration, adventure and spiritedness to create a whole new iteration of shared fun and achievement. The best part is how we can use your campus as its own character in these events to further reflect your campus culture and the experience of your alumni.

Your alumni are not done making memories at your institution! Let us work alongside you to create one they will talk about for years to come!

GPS Scavenger Hunt Team Challenge

GPS adultsGPS Scavenger Hunt Team Challenge

Make your campus come to life again in an entirely new way as your alumni work together as teams to navigate our GPS Scavenger Hunt! Appropriate for almost any group size, this is one of our most popular activities. Participants use GPS units and secret clues to locate place cards hidden throughout the landscape. As they journey teams encounter puzzles, riddles and team challenges that put their wit and teamwork to the test! Teams draw on multiple skills and abilities to complete the course enabling each participant to shine. The best part is how we can use the campus as a character in this event weaving in many of the favorite locations that folks connect to college memories or that tie to the heritage of the institution!

The Ultimate Game Team Challenge

Adults TeambuildingThe Ultimate Game Team Challenge

We can turn almost any location into a human-sized board game we’ve named “The Ultimate Game.” Appropriate for almost ay number of participants, this game will challenge your alumni to work in teams as they move around the board, race to challenge stations and accrue spirit points all along the way. Wacky cooperative challenges, problem-solving, giant dice, carnival games and lots of laughter will be just some of the elements encountered. A great way to mix teamwork, group celebration and LOTS of fun into one big event. We can even amp up the institutional pride by adding campus and class trivia into the event!

The Great Raft Building Team Challenge

Raft Building ButtonThe Great Raft Building Team Challenge

Our raft building challenge is one of our most popular events, combining thrill and team work into one giant blast! Teams work together to design and construct a functional raft using an assortment of supplied materials and their own ingenuity. Once the rafts are constructed they will be put to the test in a race to the finish as participants float their team to an off-shore buoy and back before the other groups do! A high energy, real-time team building experience that can be held at a local pond, lake or river.

Custom Program: Icebreakers, Games, Cooperative Challenges, Etc.

Adults Teambuilding2Custom Programs

Whether you would like to fill an hour or a full day, we can design an itinerary that will use that time to fully engage your alumni in reigniting connections with each other and your campus community. Let us know your group size, your time frame, and the desired outcome you have, and we will draw from our vast array of icebreakers, energizers, cooperative games and group challenges to create a highlight event that matches!

Canoeing and Kayaking

Canoeing ButtonCanoeing and Kayaking

Many times the the picturesque surroundings of our alma mater are such a large part of how we remember it. We have a portable fleet of canoes and kayaks to take your group out on a local lake or pond. For institutions in the Pioneer Valley there is nothing quite like seeing familiar sites like the silhouette of the Holyoke Range, or Mount Surgarloaf from a kayak on the Connecticut River as the sun begins to wane. Along the way be on the lookout for eagles, great blue herons, beaver, turtles, otter and much more. Perfect for all participants, even novice paddlers.

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