Adventure Outings/Trips

We provide on and off site activities, great for class bonding, outing clubs or special events any group looking for a fun outdoor adventure

Whether your goal is team bonding with a group of new students, celebrating success at the end of a great year, creating an unforgettable memory for alumni, or simply creating a fun, active weekend getaway, we can create an exciting and memorable experience for your group size and time frame. All activities can be scheduled as a stand-alone program, or multiple activities can be combined together for a program medley or multi-day experience. We have a wonderful and varied selection of outdoor fun and adventures in Massachusetts. Contact us for further info and pricing for your group.

GPS Scavenger Hunt Team Challenge

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Technology meets the natural world in this highly interactive and exciting activity mixing a little competition with a dose of collaboration and tons of fun in the outdoors! Appropriate for almost any group size, this is one of our most popular activities. Participants work as teams using GPS units and secret clues to navigate a giant scavenger hunt. As they journey groups encounter team challenges that put their wit, ingenuity and teamwork to the test. Teams draw on multiple group assets, skills and abilities to complete the course. This portable event can be brought to an outdoor location near you – even your own campus – and can be designed with locations, trivia and challenges that tie to your event if desired!

The Ultimate Game Team Challenge

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We can turn almost any location into a human-sized board game we’ve named “The Ultimate Game.” Appropriate for almost any number of participants, this game will challenge players to work as a team as they move around the board accruing points. Wacky challenges, problem-solving, giant dice and lots of laughter are just some of the elements encountered. A great way to mix teamwork, high energy and LOTS of fun into one big event.

The Great Raft Building Team Challenge

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Our raft building challenge is one of our most popular events, combining thrill and teamwork into one giant blast! Teams work together to design and construct a functional raft using an assortment of supplied materials and their own ingenuity. Once the rafts are constructed they will be put to the test in a race to the finish as participants float their team to an off-shore buoy and back before the other groups do! A high energy, real-time team building experience that can be held at a local pond, lake or river convenient to you.

Canoeing and Kayaking

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Adventure In Adventure Out has a portable fleet of canoes and kayaks to take your group out on a variety of flat-water rivers, lakes and ponds in Western Massachusetts. We run day trips as well as our popular multi-day canoe camping excursions along the Connecticut River. Perfect for all participants, even the novice paddler, learn paddling skills and river safety, how to use teamwork to steer a canoe, or how to maneuver a kayak on your own. Along the way we stay on the lookout for eagles, great blue herons, beaver, turtles, otter and much more. We also have a ton of fun paddling games to keep your group laughing and entertained.


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When you slip through the door into the world of the subterranean it is like landing on an entirely different planet. Caving, otherwise known as spelunking, is a unique and often pinnacle experience that explores the mysteries of the world below us. Adventure In Adventure Out runs trips locally to small fissure caves in Massachusetts from 25 ft to 500 ft long. For the more adventurous, join us for a full day trip to New York State to explore a limestone cave that has almost a mile of winding passages, chambers and lake rooms!

Hiking and Backpacking

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We have scoured the state of Massachusetts and surrounding parts of New England to find the most stunning wilderness travel locations. Our day hikes and overnight backpacking trips will lead you to the most scenic vistas, beautiful waterfalls and breathtaking landscapes Western Massachusetts has to offer. Challenge your body, traveling by way of your own energy and experience the overwhelming sense of accomplishment as you carry all you need on your back. Whether it is cooking, starting a fire, filtering water or reading a map, learn the essential skills that will offer a safe, rewarding and thrilling encounter in the outdoors.

Huck Finn Rafting

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Bring one of the most classic tales in American Literature to life by taking students on a Huck Finn rafting adventure. We’ll construct sturdy rafts that can accommodate 4-8 people by building a wooden platform that sits atop two canoes. With that as our mode of transportation, we will launch on a local flat-water river for a one-of-a-kind water adventure. The rafts are easy to paddle and make great platforms for water games, basking in the sun, eating lunch and jumping in! These platforms can also be adapted to receive wheel chairs offering a completely unique experience.

The Medley Adventure

Medley PicIs it difficult to make a decision when there seem to be so many exciting options? Then the Medley Adventure is just for you! Let us weave together a number of the activities you see in this list to create an unforgettable multi-day adventure. One of our most popular medley trips is a 3-4 day contiguous experience that includes backpacking, caving, rock-climbing and canoeing!



Rock Climbing

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Rock climbing and rappelling is a sport that challenges your own perceived physical and mental limits and demonstrates in real-time your ability, tenacity and resilience. We introduce your group to this thrilling sport providing exceptional safety, and meeting the needs and desires of each individual participant. The locations we use offer a variety of routes that meet any ability – beginner to advanced. Top-rope climbing is also a great exercise in building trust while working as a team with your belayer and those offering encouragement and support. Along the way, learn knot tying skills, climbing technique, safety systems, and even a bit about the local geology.

The First Science: The Art of Animal Tracks and Sign


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In the fields and forests animals leave clues and messages about their behavior. Learn to read the clues and reveal the stories of our four legged friends. This experience will engage all five senses as participants use active observation, inquiry, critical thinking, and imagination to decipher the habits and behaviors of moose, bobcats, coyote, porcupine, bear, deer, racoons, otter, beaver and much more. Using this hands-on approach to ecology, we can investigate the land at your location and design a program that highlights the natural activity taking place on your own campus. Alternatively, we can take your group to some of the most spectacular and species-rich environments in the state.