Forest Forensics

    While tracking out behind my house, I settled in for a quick lunch half way up a gully overlooking a brook that was moving swiftly from the melting snow. As I stood up to seek a… Read More

Was a 9-Foot-Long Shark Eaten Off of Australia?

An 11yo incident off the coast of Australia has recently come to light, and it’s a fascinating one. Four months after ‘shark alpha’ was tagged with a radio tracker, its unit washed up on shore only miles from… Read More

The Importance of Open Spaces for Wolves

Wolves occupy a unique place within the psyches of many Americans, often stirring up ambivalent feelings: they’re amazing and majestic creatures, but do they have an impact on local game animals, livestock, pets, and perceived levels of safety?… Read More

Getting to Know Bark!

Photo by Sharon Peterson, Flickr Last weekend, a group of AIAO’s core staff and community had the very good fortune to take part in a workshop presented by Bark author Michael Wojtech, which was simple and illuminating, and… Read More

Suggested Reading: Massachusetts Wildlife Magazine

“Massachusetts Wildlife magazine is a quarterly publication packed with award-winning articles and photos on the environment, conservation, fishing, hunting, natural history and just about everything relating to the outdoors in Massachusetts. Get all the inside information on wildlife… Read More

Discovered: Longest Mammal Migration in the Lower 48

“When wildlife biologist Hall Sawyer strapped radio collars to dozens of mule deer wandering southwestern Wyoming’s Red Desert in January 2011, he thought the humble animals were as rooted as the landscape’s windblown sage, low hills and staked… Read More

Suggested Reading: “Reading the Forested Landscape” by Tom Wessels

A couple of years ago while browsing in my local bookstore, Broadside Bookshop, I came across Reading the Forested Landscape by Antioch University New England faculty-member Tom Wessels. Intrigued by its concept, and always eager to add to my… Read More


It’s been my observation that the folks who are drawn to outdoor adventure and education also desire to understand more deeply the world in which we play and live. I know that’s the case for me! Thus, I… Read More

It’s that special time of year…

Despite the stormy weather today, spring has arrived, and along with the warm and sunny weather comes some less welcome members of the biotic community: ticks. While I was up at Noble View in Russell, MA this last… Read More

What the Robin Knows

Our woods are waking up from their winter sleep, and birds are moving about in greater numbers, and even returning from warmer latitudes down south. As this happens, my ears are filled with the songs and conversations of… Read More