The Hunter’s Mind – An Alternative Perspective on ADD/ADHD

In the course of a year we work with dozens of schools and organizations, and many hundreds of young participants. Invariably, some of these young people have an ADD or ADHD diagnosis. It would be all too easy… Read More

Century-Old Shackleton Antarctica Photos Discovered

The Antarctic Heritage Trust recently announced the discovery of 22 never-before-seen images from one of Ernest Shackleton’s Antarctic expeditions. Transported to New Zealand in early 2013, the negatives have been developed and are on display for all to… Read More

10 Leadership Lessons from Super Heroes (and Super Villains)

More on the fun side of things, this post’s for you, Ben (our assistant director and resident super hero fanatic)! “Because good leadership is a super power, I bring you lessons in leadership, gleaned from our finest super… Read More