Just For Fun

We have fun here at AIAO. We have fun out there during our programming, of course – but we also have fun here in the office. We’ve decided to capture some of our special moments and catalog them here in our Just For Fun blog.
Pun or Punishment

James is a man who loves puns. He loves reading, he loves rhyming, he loves the english language. He told me that for as long as he remembers he’s been coming up with clever wordplay.  “Puns – the poor man’s poetry” he says.

There’s a playful element to puns that James brings all of the things he does. He finds a way to finagle puns into his facilitation style, his every day conversation, and even his debriefs. Like with all puns, sometimes they make us giggle with glee, and sometimes… well… sometimes, it’s just plain punishment. What did we do to deserve this James? Why are you so whimsically witty? How do you come up with them so quickly?

For most of us, it’s not so bad at all. I tend to enjoy them more often than not (mostly because I can’t come up with a pun to save my life and I’m always so impressed.) But when we ask the question “Pun or punishment?” There is one among us who will almost alway say punishment – not always out loud… but we can tell.

So, as the puns roll along we’ll share them with you, and we’ll continue to ask this question: Pun or Punishment – What do you say Kyle?

April 19th, 2018 – 3:41 pm.

We had just gone on our afternoon nature walk. It had been drizzling, and the overcast made it seem like it was dusk. James was looking at apple on the ground, and what appeared to be the feeding sign of a rodent. He started to have an epiphany: “Rodent… I never thought about this, but perhaps the ‘dent’ in rodent refers to their prominent incisors. I wonder what the ‘ro’ stands for.” 

None of us had an answer for him.

Back at the ranch, Kyle and I were sitting at our computer desks – minding our own business. James had been fiddling away at his computer, entrenched in research about something. The moment James started to speak I knew what was coming, but I don’t think Kyle was prepared.  James looked up at me and said with a smile:

“So Christopher I was on this tracking program once, out tracking by a wetland, and a student called me over to ask me a question. He had seen some markings at the base of a tree, and he asked me ‘is this from a beaver?’ and I said ‘gnaww.'”


Neature Walk

Thanks, Lenny Pepperbottom. We think it’s pretty neat too.

How a river can move you

We all know that unstructured play is of the utmost importance for kids.   Especially in these modern times where kids days are highly activity structured, they have benchmarks to meet in relation to academic standards, and technology has an amazing capacity to mesmerize their attention.

Here is a video that speaks to the limitless expression of outdoor play and nature connection, and which makes us here at the office reflect on how we choose to engage or not engage in our surroundings and how we all, large and small, can enjoy and benefit from play……

When was the last time you spent a day by a river?

10 Leadership Lessons from Super Heroes (and Super Villains)

More on the fun side of things, this post  is for you, Ben Delozier (our assistant director and resident super hero fanatic)!

“Because good leadership is a super power, I bring you lessons in leadership, gleaned from our finest super heroes (and super villains). From Batman to Tony Stark to Lex Luthor, and more. Tights and a cape do not a leader make, but these pearls of wisdom just may. . .” – Michael Kasdan

For all the tight-and-cape-clad wisdom, check out these 10 leadership lessons in the full Article at The Good Men Project.