Forest Forensics

    While tracking out behind my house, I settled in for a quick lunch half way up a gully overlooking a brook that was moving swiftly from the melting snow. As I stood up to seek a… Read More

Biking In The Quabbin!

I have spent many a day wandering on and off trail in the Quabbin Reservoir over the last 30 years. I recently, and happily,  found out that certain sections of the Quabbin can be explored by bicycle! It… Read More

Getting to Know Bark!

Photo by Sharon Peterson, Flickr Last weekend, a group of AIAO’s core staff and community had the very good fortune to take part in a workshop presented by Bark author Michael Wojtech, which was simple and illuminating, and… Read More

Suggested Reading: Massachusetts Wildlife Magazine

“Massachusetts Wildlife magazine is a quarterly publication packed with award-winning articles and photos on the environment, conservation, fishing, hunting, natural history and just about everything relating to the outdoors in Massachusetts. Get all the inside information on wildlife… Read More

Go inside ‘The Bunker’ underneath the Holyoke Range

Ever since I heard about the bunker beneath Bare Mountain in the Holyoke Range I’ve been intensely curious about it; my imagination has filled in the gaps and holes carved out back in the 1950s. Imagine my excitement… Read More

It’s that special time of year…

Despite the stormy weather today, spring has arrived, and along with the warm and sunny weather comes some less welcome members of the biotic community: ticks. While I was up at Noble View in Russell, MA this last… Read More

The Importance of Screen-Free Time

This past weekend I had the good fortune to spend a couple of nights in a small cabin at Temenos in Shutesbury, MA with my incomparable wife. A “rustic retreat center, located on Mount Mineral, about a half… Read More

The Timber Doodle

During today’s staff meeting, when James mentioned seeing a Timber Doodle, we all looked at him with looks of confused skepticism. “What the heck is a Timber Doodle?” I thought. A fan of playful jokes and pranks, we… Read More


We switched our AIAO Outing Club days to Sundays and are glad that we did. This past Sunday, we had 11 people join us for an eastern Holyoke Range traverse. The day was quite chilly and the trails… Read More


Some folks here in the Adventure In, Adventure Out office have been finding this site and its associated apps, widgets, and doohickeys useful for mapping walks and other outdoor ambulations. With MapMyHike you’re able to create new routes,… Read More