Team and Community Building

Great for counselor or staff teams, camper groups or an unforgettable camp-wide event

We will design and deliver a high energy, educational day that meets your group’s unique needs. Each team or community building event includes a planning phase where we do a full needs assessment and work with you to identify your goals and target objectives. We’ll then use our extensive toolkit and experience to create a program that is relevant, meaningful and impactful for your students and/or staff that can be held on or off site!

Community Building

Great for orientation events, newly forming groups, and transitioning groups. Let us build a program that enhances the values, culture and foundational principles of your camp. Our community building programs are designed to foster deeper relationships that create investment, inspiration and ownership in your camp community.

In addition community building events can:

  • Create a fun, memorable shared experience that participants will talk about for the entire year
  • Cultivate rapport, trust and meaningful relationships between campers and/or staff
  • Establish guidelines of engagement for peer-to-peer interactions
  • Increase a sense of belonging amongst all members of your camp community

Team Building

Functioning teams, such as camp counselors or your camp leadership team, require a more nuanced and strategic set of tools. Let us bring the latest innovations in group development to help your group improve communication, set goals, and work together to achieve peak performance and investment. We’ll draw from the classic experiential education model of providing interactive exercises, dialogue and applied learning to give context to real life situations.

Our team building programs dig more deeply into the community building goals listed above as well as the following:

  • Clarifying goals, roles and responsibilities
  • Identifying, celebrating and leveraging personal and group strengths
  • Practicing effective information sharing
  • Creating strategies and processes for high efficacy
  • Practicing patience, cooperation and acceptance
  • Fostering creativity and innovation
  • Engaging critical thinking
  • Understanding and navigating group dynamics
  • Conveying thoughts and feelings clearly and effectively
  • Practicing listening skills

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