Bullying’s Long-Term Effects Seen in Both the Bullied and the Bully

“The effects of bullying in childhood can last a lifetime, both for the child who’s bullied and for his or her tormenter.

But according to a Duke University study published today in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, while young adults show long-term ill effects of having been bullied in childhood, those who did the bullying might actually be healthier than their peers…”

We’re all familiar with the deleterious effects of bullying on the bullied, but researchers have published some intriguing data regarding how it also effects bullies.

To read more, visit the National Geographic Daily News.

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One Comment on “Bullying’s Long-Term Effects Seen in Both the Bullied and the Bully

  1. Thanks Shihan Dan this is so true. I too was bullied when I was ynuegor and switched schools, In hindsight if I was as confident as I am now I would like to beleive that they would not have targetted me. Definitely a life changing experience and a great motivator not to let them win. Than you for sharing,

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