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“We at Stoneleigh-Burnham have used Adventure In Adventure Out numerous times over the years for student programs and faculty/staff professional development – and we’ve never been disappointed. Each time, those who are working with us take the time to ask about our objectives and the folks they will be engaging, to think carefully about their audience, and to create an incredibly meaningful and productive set of activities and exercises that help us reach our goals. After years of working with various outdoor education groups, I give my highest recommendation to everyone on this team.”

– Sally Mixsell, Head of School, Stoneleigh-Burnham School

“The impact that the day had on our students and their behavior toward one another was nothing short of dramatic! After You Belong, their negative behavior was cut nearly in half. This year’s 8th grade is an anomaly, a good one, and the variable is work with AIAO.”

– Mike Malone, Assistant Principal, Amherst Regional Middle School

“Our teachers are raving about their afternoon with Adventure In Adventure Out! Thank you!”

– Samantha Camera, Pakistani Young Leaders Exchange Program Coordinator, UMass Amherst Civic Initiative

“This group was amazing and easy to work with. They really have a great knack for feeling out a group and catering the activities to our needs. They are flexible, understanding, professional, and just an all around joy. We have a difficult group of people to please, and they nailed it; they listened to our concerns and needs/goals and planned an event that got us all interacting, getting to know each other, and learning a little bit about how to work better together as a group!”

– Regina Diemand, Chapter Relations Coordinator, Chartered Alternative Investment Analyst Association

Your staff’s energy, enthusiasm, and competence were noted and remarkable. Our participants, of all ages, loved both the GPS program and the canoeing and had a blast.

– Rami Schwartzer, Program Director, Camp Ramah New England

I think it is quite clear from our perspective that you guys nailed it!  Your strong understanding of our program and culture was evident through the day in all activities and dialogues that your team presented.  I know that the Residential Life Staff gained a tremendous amount of strength and skill today that will be a part of our team this summer and will certainly have an enormous influence and direct impact on the progress of the students.  Thank you again for all the effort that was put in behind the scenes and for the final product that you brought to the table today – it exceeded our expectations!

– Sara Parker, Campus Head, Wolfeboro School

“The Adventure In Adventure Out staff provided activities that prompted deep reflection and sharing, and that required moving and high energy. Overall, it was a full balanced day. Adventure In Adventure Out is worth the investment. For a reasonable price, our group received a high quality retreat day that students loved. The group bonded in a positive way and individuals were challenged to internalize who they are and where they come from and how to work with and motivate others who are own their own life journey. If you are looking for a more meaningful and deeper retreat or workshop experience, seriously consider Adventure In Adventure Out.”

– Jon Todd, Director of Residence Life, Elms College

“It has been a pleasure working with the AIAO team–they were collaborative, respectful, attentive to details, process-oriented and top notch professionals in every way. Thanks to AIAO, our campers comfortably canoed, kayaked and rafted down the Connecticut River, enjoyed dinner on our camp site, and kept smiling–even after enduring 12 straight hours of rain! AIAO set the perfect tone for our campers and staff and we look forward to working with them again!”

– Howard Blas, Tikvah Program Director, Camp Ramah New England

“Adventure In Adventure Out earned our trust today with our people.”

– Andrew Walpole, Assistant Head of School, Wolfeboro School

“Every time we participate in this program, we walk away reflecting on another outstanding experience! They worked with our 6th grade staff to provide an experience that our students would not soon forget.  In fact, at our 8th grade graduation ceremony, students reflecting on their lasting memories of school  each year mention 6th grade and their experience at Adventure In Adventure Out.  What makes this program stand apart from anything else we have ever done is how the staff interacts with the students. As educators, we want the very best for our students and we believe that this program is one of the most valuable ones around.  The staff at Adventure In Adventure Out provide lasting memories and their effect on our school cannot be matched.  “

– Donna Paulsen, 6th Grade Instructional Team Leader, Granite Valley Middle School

“This company, these people, they get it! They understand the emotional side of human beings, and how to engage, explain and inspire the people they are talking to.”

– John Anderson, Assistant Campus Head, Wolfeboro School

“The strength of our relationship is based on AIAO’s professionalism and attention to detail. They bring a high-energy program, which is consistent with the goals of our orientation weekend. Communication between AIAO and Suffield Academy has been remarkable as extensive discussions prior to the event ensure a positive outcome. The staff is friendly, engaging and committed to the complete student experience.”

– Nate Swirko, Assistant Dean of Students, Suffield Academy

“The crew at Adventure In Adventure Out have so many tricks when it comes to working with both adults and teenagers. I know that when I call them with an idea they will have a plan and will make things work. It has been such a pleasure to work with Adventure In Adventure Out. The activities offered by the crew there are such an important part of our school year.”

– John Larson, Dean of Students, Stoneleigh-Burnham School

“I remember that week as one of the most memorable experiences of my life. In fact, it seriously and powerfully changed the course of my life for the better. The way in which you taught us during that week was so impressive, wholesome, and powerful that I continue to uncover lessons and draw inspiration from things we did during that time. You enabled me to let go of my past, uncover my passion and find joy, and connect to the world around me in a meaningful way.”

– Mark, “Wake Up” Student Participant, Bates College

“It was wonderful to work with you from beginning to end. Your wisdom, strength, and enthusiasm carried us in a truly supportive and inspiring way. Your devotion to your work, to the earth, and to the people around you shone forth at every moment. What a joy for my students, parent cavers, and me to experience this. There is no doubt that all of us will remember our trip as one of the outstanding experiences of our lives.”

– Jan Baudendistel, Teacher, Hartsbrook Waldorf School

“I can say without reservation that it was a wonderful experience that was well worth the investment both in money and time. I am already making plans to have them return next year and in subsequent years, as I feel that this is a great program for students beginning to navigate their way through high school and young adulthood.”

– Bill Metzger, Principal, Monson High School

“AIAO inspires and invigorates my students, no matter what we do and where we go. Since I began working with them six years ago, AIAO has become an extension of my classroom; the highlights of my curriculum are tied to the experiences that we have with AIAO. Why? Because the staff, headed by James, is second to none in their individual skill sets. These good people not only love what they do, they also know how to connect the outdoors to the human experience and leave my students awakened to nature, themselves, and new possibilities. This is learning at its best. I teach for a living and have come to rely upon James and his staff as colleagues in my commitment to my students, because they have the expertise to both work alongside and communicate with folks of all ages. In the remarkable group of people who work at AIAO, I have found, first and foremost, the qualities that distinguish all good teachers: They are fluent in the language of the mind, body, and soul.”

– Leif Riddington, Director of Secondary School Placement, The Bement School

“Thank you, with deep admiration, to our two guides, Ben Delozier and Chris from Adventure In Adventure Out. From the first, ‘Good morning’ to the final, ‘Goodbye,”’they could not have been more present, positive, encouraging, attentive, and responsible. Bravo, and Thank you!”

– Heather Damon, Teacher, Hartsbrook Waldorf School 

“My main concern when I was entering college was finding friends and fitting in with others. I was afraid that I wasn’t going to make any friends and I was going to be alone. Because of this trip, my biggest fear was gone. Meeting the people I met through this experience made the transition a lot easier. I also learned that I wasn’t the only one worried about that; many of the other Bear Trackers were worried about it too. Knowing that I wasn’t the only scared and nervous one made me feel somewhat relieved. I would definitely recommend it to others because you learn a lot about yourself and about others.”

– Simone, 2012 Bear Tracks Participant, Western New England University

“This company goes above and beyond to provide a unique experience for their clients. The staff at AIAO immerse themselves deeply and wholly into building connections, creating bonds, and most importantly sharing their unique talents and gifts with their participants. I have seen first hand how our trips with Adventure In Adventure Out have had long term positive effects on our campers. Being confident in knowing what they are capable of, knowing how to depend on others for help, and having created bonds that stand the test of time are just come of the positive results I have been witness too. And, the effects are far-reaching. We even have parents share with us the tremendous positive change they have seen in their children’s overall self-esteem and personality as a result of these trips with AIAO.”

– Liza Bocchichio, Youth Worker and Challenge Course Facilitator, Bristol, CT Youth Services

“When I first signed up to work with Adventure in Adventure out I didn’t know what I was getting into. All I knew, I was excited to experience what was ahead. After the trip, the group I was working with had a bond that rarely happens. The leaders I worked with helped the students step out of their comfort zone and help each other when needed. The experience Adventure in Adventure out gave us was amazing; I would do it all over again in a heart beat!”

– Avery, New Student Orientation Leader, Western New England University

“Wild Hearted Boys has given my son valuable teaching about the natural environment and himself. The staff has nurtured and encouraged him to create bonds with his peers utilizing expertly guided adventure. The program is filled with fun and the staff mentor my son in a supportive, caring way. This program is amazing…”

– Chuck Santos, Wild Hearted Boys Parent

“I am so grateful to have a program like Wild Hearted Boys offered here in the Valley. I appreciate that my son is learning valuable outdoor skills under the guidance of experienced and knowledgeable naturalists. But what sets the AIAO program apart is the focus on mentoring our young people to be strong, confident and caring individuals as well as good stewards of the planet. These lessons learned in the context of the natural world are truly invaluable and my son couldn’t be happier at the end of a Wild Hearted Boys day!”

– Rory Valentine, Wild Hearted Boys Parent