We are proud to have a highly trained and skilled team whose wide range of experiences, expertise and interests provides us with a rich staff base. Our staff are seasoned veterans in the fields environmental and outdoor education and are passionate about creating a dynamic environment for participants to discover and engage the unique relationships between themselves, those within their community and their own natural surroundings.


James McNaughton – Founder/Director & Field Instructor

James founded Adventure In Adventure Out in 1995 to bring about his vision of connecting people more deeply with the natural wonders of the Connecticut River Valley area, the community of people that surround them and to themselves.

He is a ‘95 graduate of Greenfield Community College’s Outdoor Leadership Program.  He has continued his passion for learning about the natural world with time spent tracking with Paul Rezendes, Sue Morse’s’ Keeping Track program, White Pine Program’s Tracking Apprenticeship, as well as dozens of other workshops and intensives. In 2011, James received a New England Track and Sign Level 3 certification from the Cybertracker Evaluation. James authored a newspaper column called, “The Great Outdoors” which was published in four local papers, and then published his own newspaper called, “The Outsider”.  He is also the author of a hiking and canoeing guide for The Chicopee River Watershed Council. He completed The New Warrior Training with the Mankind Project and was a facilitator for “The Mythic Warrior” men’s empowerment training intensive. He is also a trained life coach through the Ford Institute for Integrative Coaching, and a recent volunteer and steering committee member of Boys to Men.

His passion for reading, learning and mentoring often finds him sitting by the fire with a good book, wandering the local woods, rivers and wetlands alongside peers, students, family and friends.


Kyle Rodd – Assistant Director & Field Instructor

Kyle Rodd is an outdoor and environmental educator, as well as an ecologist and environmental scientist.  A lifelong resident of New England, Kyle holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Ecopsychology from the University of Massachusetts, and has completed his Master’s coursework in Antioch New England’s Environmental Studies department, with a concentration in Conservation Biology.  He has studied with the Appalachian Mountain Club, the Primitive Arts Collective, the Pathfinder School, and others.  In addition to leading youth on backpacking, canoeing, caving,and climbing trips in central New England, Kyle teaches tracking and wilderness living skills, and
has even served as a summit steward on New Hampshire’s Mount Monadnock.  Kyle conducts and takes part in ecological research throughout the region, and also works with non-profits like Backcountry Hunters and Anglers and Trout Unlimited. 

With his wife and daughter, or his father during hunting season, Kyle explores the woods and hills of New England whenever he can.



Lenore Anderson – Field Instructor

An experiential educator throughout her life, Lenore applies the philosophies as passionately to herself as she does to working with others. She loves engaging in experiences where people have opportunities to feel strong, empowered and extend their understanding of themselves and others.

Lenore has over twenty-five years of experience as an environmental educator, counselor, and wilderness instructor. She has a Masters degree in Experiential Education from Colorado University and has worked extensively with many populations from executives to youth.  Her work with the Colorado Outward Bound School spanned over seventeen years where she served as a Wilderness Instructor, Course Director and Environmental Director.

Lenore can’t help but share her wonder of the natural world and loves how people respond to it by engaging with their own curiosity and excitement.   She is a graduate of The Rocky Mountain Center for Botanical Studies in Clinical Herbalism. Lenore is the founding director of Natural Vitality where she offers holistic health consultations, empowering workshops and healing retreats.