Adventure In Adventure Out was founded in 1995 by James McNaughton as a vehicle to express a personal vision he had at that time of connecting people more deeply to themselves, each other and the natural wonders around us. In his explorations of rivers, forests, mountains and wetlands as a boy and young man, he found deep healing, respite, safety, joy, as well as motivation and inspiration to learn and a context within which to share his gifts and passion with others.

Following graduation from Greenfield Community College’s Outdoor Leadership Program, James began reaching out to the community, offering canoe trips, map and compass workshops and team building programs. He purchased a beat-up Datsun pick up (puke orange), had a friend weld together a homemade canoe trailer and bought six Old Town Discovery 164 boats. He gutted the bunk beds out of the camper he was living in, bought a Mac computer and a desk and set up shop.

For 5 years James began a slow and steady increase in programs and projects including a seasonal publication called “The Outsider”  and a sister organization focused on businesses called TeamWise, which eventually merged with a colleagues business to form Organizational Growth Consulting.  After a few years, James decided to concentrate  energy and focus on Adventure In Adventure Out, selling his share of OGC to his partner.

AIAO is now 20 years old. Many, many staff have added their talents, expertise and passion to the organization over the years and they make AIAO what it is today.   The seed that started with James now lives, breathes and is embodied in our team of masterful, talented and conscious staff.