Our mission:

Helping grow compassionate, resilient and effective leaders, communities and stewards of the natural world through spirited exploration and connection.

Our core values:

Deep Connection ** Integrity ** Transformation  ** Play

We are a passionate collection of people joyfully working to bring about real change in the world. We are always interested in hearing from other ardent outdoor and experiential educators!


Who are our staff?   

We are proud to have a highly trained,highly skilled professional team whose wide range of experiences, expertise and interests provide us with a rich staff base. Our staff members are both experienced veterans and enthusiastic newer educators in the fields of experiential outdoor learning, team building and leadership development.

We are mission driven and passionate about creating dynamic, nurturing environments for participants to engage with and discover the beauty and complexity of the world. Staff members are highly motivated, self-disciplined individuals who infuse their own skills and style with the culture of AIAO and our client base. They are proactive teachers and learners who share a deep love for community and the natural world.

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Key desired technical skill areas include proficiency in: caving, rock climbing, canoeing, kayaking, hiking, backpacking and camping.

Equally important is the ability to bring forward passion and skills to facilitate wide varieties of groups and individuals through powerful learning and development processes within various timelines. We want people who are compassionate and confident,  great communicators and attentive listeners. Folks who are knowledgeable about the ecology around them and share a love of life are especially compelling.

Most of our programs require staff to hold a minimum first aid certification of Wilderness First Aid.  The ability to drive a truck pulling a trailer is a very helpful skill as well.

Application Process                                             IMG_0255

We are unable to offer full time work but strive to offer a wonderful diversity of instructional opportunities, from day-long team building to multi-day wilderness adventures.

We take resumes and cover letters of interest year round, begin setting up interviews in late winter and making decisions in the early spring.


Being in touch sooner than later helps – pick up the phone, or email us at:

(413)253-4910 – admin@adventureinadventureout.com