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About Us


OUR MISSION: Helping grow compassionate, resilient and effective leaders, communities and stewards of the natural world through spirited exploration and connection.

We are a mission and values driven organization that is wholeheartedly invested in offering opportunities for people to explore, engage and exercise their best and most authentic selves within the world around them.  We operate with the understanding that people thrive in environments where they feel connected. Connection offers us a sense of belonging, resiliency and contribution to something larger than ourselves. We believe that exploration is the modality by which we discover and enrich our connections to ourselves, our communities, and the natural world. It is through this process of discovery that we find the purpose, inspiration and skills to take action as a leader, affecting positive change in our lives and those of others.

Adventure in Adventure Out is dedicated to providing our participants with exciting, meaningful opportunities that support this exploration and the development of compassionate, resilient and effective leaders and communities.

For 20 years Adventure In Adventure Out has offered quality outdoor adventures, experiential education, nature connection, leadership development and team-building to schools, businesses, camps, colleges, and community organizations throughout the Pioneer Valley of Western Massachusetts and beyond. We provide on and off-site programs that are custom designed to meet your needs for leadership development, team and community building, and outdoor fun. You can expect transformational experiences that cultivate individual strengths, ignite community and organizational investment, and produce purposeful and effective action.

Adventure In Adventure Out, a Limited Liability Company (LLC).


A Letter to Staff and Clients of Adventure In Adventure Out From Ben Delozier

January 2018 Dear Adventure In Adventure Out Staff and Clients, I heard recently that the shortest distance between two people is a story. If this is true, then what must make community is the intersection of layers upon… Read More

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Transitions in the Adventure In Adventure Out Office

A big space has been created in our office by the departure of Ben Delozier; a big man, with a big heart, bold spirit, and a boat load of talent. Ben’s bold spirit led him to knock on… Read More

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Photo Journal: Central Atlantic Seacoast – James McNaughton

“This Fall, I had the good fortune to carve out a large chunk of time to leave home and journey south on a much needed sojourn. I recently purchased a baby Airstream camper called by the manufacturer, the… Read More

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